Holo Lens

Hololens helps the user to experience 3D hoographic data as part of their environment. This technology immersion enables new computing methodology in which desktop could be the living room. It helps to interact with reality, to blend your ideas with the real world.

Oculus Rift is a constellation positioning technology uses IR LED sensors and Gaze tracking to interacting with the virtual environment. We can move freely with the physical environment. Its an advanced display technology with a tracking system to give a real Experience

Our Work

Hololens visualize the organs inside the body and veins. Reduce manipulations are the biggest benefit of this technology in healthcare sector. We make inroads into surgical suites, doctor's offices, medical training, Psychotherapy and home care sectors.

Healthcare is the most important sector the hololens where use. Our planed to implement the virtual reality in this field. More healthcare applications are developed all the time in a mainstream. Healthcare specialist use the hololens to improve the level of their service.

Hololens also used to give the training to be a surgeon its a good chance to get trained. In healthcare sector the hololens helps the logic and transportive experience that encourage specific behaviors that can be hard to repeat in sterile hospital environment.


    Headset with transparent lenses
    Display the desktop could be the living room.
    It Process the real world and holographic data
    Oculus is the virtual reality headset
    It have the features of rotation and position tracking
    Head mounted display
    Higher combined resolution than DK2